Award Winning Album

by The DoneFors

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released May 17, 2011

Produced by The DoneFors
Recorded and Edited at Canterbury Music Company by Jeremy Darby and Andrew Heppner
Recorded and Edited at João Carvalho Mastering by Bryan Lowe and Brian Lahaie (additional editing by Rich Bradley)
Mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda at Box Office Poison Inc.
Mastered at João Carvalho Mastering by Joao Carvalho and Bryan Lowe
Photos and Layout by Janine Stoll

All songs written and arranged by The DoneFors (SOCAN)

Made possible by the generous financial support
of FACTOR and Ontario Arts Council.



all rights reserved


The DoneFors Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Berlin

Berlin; big metal barge floating in blue
Stuck to the bottom of my shoe
And the world came flooding through

Quiet; expensive room and cheep champagne
Double mattress, single frame
You’re on the Isle of Saskatoon

* Throw your possessions over board
If you don’t do it now we’ll never make it to shore
We’ll sink down to the bottom of it all

Grace; sauntered in to watch you dance
Held your breath and held your stance
Somehow you set me to my knees

Do we ever really change?
Or do we just put it on for our family
So they won’t disappointed be
Disappointing me

* Throw your possessions over board
If you don’t do it now we’ll never make it to shore

I am brave enough to fight for you
But I won’t if that’s what you expect me to do
I am brave enough to fight for all of you

* Chorus

To the bottom
Track Name: Carry

The wind is picking up
I should take a pickup truck
And drive into the belly of a storm
I don’t even think I can drive a stick
But I would make the most of it
And go out leaning on the horn

Was it you? Or was it me?
It doesn’t matter actually
‘Cause we were both so tired anyway
I’d call a truce, but what’s the use?
We both lost what we had to lose
Now all that we can do is open up our arms and say

(Carry this heavy heart
How did we fall apart?)
Carry these burdened hearts to safety
(When this year is done
I won’t be the broken one)
This broken love from March to February

I do recall the warmer times
Sun-drenched clothes on rigid lines
You dance me ‘round a dusty porch
Waiting for the dark to fall
Stillness is what I recall
Your face aglow by mosquito torches
I remember how I used to vow
But never said the words out loud
That I would rather die than wander far from you
Between the postcards and the range
The weather vane pointed to change
From bended knee to being far and free

* Chorus

I must admit that I
Forgot to hold on tight
When the wind blew through
Before I knew
Somehow I lost a hold of you

* Chorus
Track Name: Shot at You

My desperation is unbecoming
Stop it
Before I do something desperate
You know your suitor is a looter
You’re gonna wanna shoot her by the end
I wanna be more than your friend

You’ve got a wandering appetite
I know
That you will never find your
Mouth full
But if I maybe were savory
You’d just wanna eat me
Wouldn’t you?
Or is my blood
To bitter to pursue?

* I have been here watching you, boy
Devising a dangerous ploy
Just give me a shot at you boy
You boy
You boy
Way down in the pit of my loins
I have been obsessed with you, boy
Just give me a shot at you, boy
You boy
You boy

You’ve got a wandering appetite
I know
That you will never find your
Self full
But if I maybe were savory
You’d just wanna eat me
Wouldn’t you?
Or is my blood
To bitter to pursue?

* Chorus
Track Name: As Old As I Am
In the whitest of rooms at the end of a line
In the arm of a husband is a beautiful wife
He says “You remind me of someone I know”

The lists on the walls have faded with light
And they’ll all blow away by the end of tonight
He says “I am not steady - as old as I am”

* We all lose what we love
We all lose what we love

All the days are the days to keep in your mind
But a mind dims to dark with the passing of time
He says “I can’t remember - as old as I am”

* Chorus

There is no sound here
Save for breath slowing
I am so lucky - as old as I am
Track Name: Bob and Stan

Put your fist in your pocket, Stan
No one loves a hero
Make the most of a broken day
Leave it in the snow
The neighbours are watching you
From their living room
There are fairy tales
To be read tonight

* All the things that I am capable of
So many things that I am capable of
Terrible things that I am capable of
Bend and bow to all the terrifying thoughts
‘Til I’m without a safe place to sleep

Eighteen years on a waiting list
Skin gets drawn
All the ducks in a perfect row
On a golf-green lawn
They don’t play your song
On the radio
Sour brain in a loaded jar
Nodding to and fro

* Chorus

Put your fist in your pocket, Stan
No one loves a hero
Track Name: Tallboy

It’s a rusty plan but we settle down
In the smallest can of your home town
With fettered lips and the work of days
I follow you

The make-believing comes in the night
Pouring over the cannon by firelight
To spirit far from this sleeping life
I follow you
How I get through

* We could make the most of life
Or wait until we kill the light
You always seem to turn to me and say
Nothing ends this way

The crows are traipsing across my pores
Heavy sleeping in the bed sores
With frail bones and the shaking legs
I follow you

If these walls could speak the words
They’d be afraid to say what they heard
And what they saw would be under wraps
I follow you
How I get through

If we made the most of life
My iron heart would be so light
Even sailors long for flight
Wildest of dreams in a tall boy

* Verse I

* Chorus
Track Name: Wolf Sounds

All the lucid dreamers
Floating through the sea
Dreaming under water
With all the sad babies
Broken boat above ‘em
Water turns to oil
Moving in slow motion
When the water starts to boil
Silly lucid dreamers
Bellies in the sun
Beaches full of bodies
Now your dreaming days are done

* Put a prophet in a jar
Bury it in the ground
In a thousand years
You will hear
Wolf sounds

Orange town is crying
Buried in a sham
Practical of jokers
With a pearl in a clam
Silly town crier
Sleeping through the news
Lucid in your dreaming
Now your baby sings the blues

Track Name: Mercator Map

Wandered a warehouse antique shop in Amsterdam
Saw a Mercator map from a time ‘round 1610
I had no money left so I put it in my coat
Ran out quick and got all tripped up by the cobblestones

Back in La Rochelle we stagger through the avenues
Disco bars and dancing late nights with the dude
There’s nothing like a seaside holiday to dowse your blues
Nothing like creme brule to make you fell like love is true
Like love is true

* Your wishes can come true
But only if you want them to
Troubled lady in a shoe; what to do?
Your wishes come and go
Like all the good times that you know
Troubled lady on your own
Go give your dog a bone

We blew in to town in the chaos of a freak parade
The rain was throwing down and we don’t got a place to stay
So follow a stranger through the darkness when the powers down
To find a soft bed and a warm heart
And all the loving sounds
The loving sounds

* Chorus

Honey, if I were brazen I would follow you to Lourdes
Pay homage to Mary with all the redemption-seeking hordes
But I’ve got a lover on the other side, you know
And though it’s “oh! oh!” -I love him so
I’ve gotta go home
I’m going home

I had a dream to drink champagne in a cemetery
Perched on a hillside in the rain above a burning city
Track Name: Cherry Season

Save your life ‘neath a parasol
Curl up in the belly of a nesting doll
When you’re found make the sound
Of a new baby bird
If she feeds you a seed
Turn your face to the words
We all smell a lie
And we all breathe it in

* Cherry season knows it
Is sweeter than a peach is
Pretty, naughty things
Just watch ‘em dangling
It’s cherry season boys

They’ll follow you with their bedroom eyes
‘Til your tongue is buried deep in a fresh-baked pie
Sweet and tart, like a heart
You could never win over
With the dawn she’ll be gone
You will never know colder
We all smell a sin
And we all breathe it in

* Chorus x 2

So you think she’s uncomplicated
And she feels comfortably degraded
You’re sniffin’ around on the orchard ground
So by the end of the summer you’re satiated

* Chorus x2
Track Name: 808

Wait oh wait
Where you running to?
From the arms of your insatiable lover
To a town line out of view
And if you’ve gotta run
I’m not chasing after you

We saw the rigs work the highway like a conga line
‘Neath the backdrop of a Windsor sunset
Gray fields and white pine
Though there’s romance in perpetual motion
The road ain’t no love of mine

* Will you go
Will you go
If I tell you don’t
The tubes will burn out
On this old radio
Oh wait
Oh wait
Oh wait
Oh wait

Wait oh wait
I’ve got a better offer I suppose
Close your eyes for a moment, my darling
Can’t you see my figure juxtaposed
On the sound stage of how you envision
The way your movie goes

* Chorus