Mercator Map

from by The DoneFors



After years and years of hemming and hawing about finally going traveling abroad, Janine and her friend Melissa McClelland spend three weeks wandering through France, Spain and the Netherlands. This results in fond memories and ridiculous stories that can only come from going where the wind bids you. This song reminds us that you can't wait around for your dreams to come true - just go do what you want to do as life is far too short. And also that we sabotage our own potential by not truly wanting what we say we want.

Guests: Rob Sills (accordion), Pat Blanchard (trombone), Phil Skladowski (saxophone)



Wandered a warehouse antique shop in Amsterdam
Saw a Mercator map from a time ‘round 1610
I had no money left so I put it in my coat
Ran out quick and got all tripped up by the cobblestones

Back in La Rochelle we stagger through the avenues
Disco bars and dancing late nights with the dude
There’s nothing like a seaside holiday to dowse your blues
Nothing like creme brule to make you fell like love is true
Like love is true

* Your wishes can come true
But only if you want them to
Troubled lady in a shoe; what to do?
Your wishes come and go
Like all the good times that you know
Troubled lady on your own
Go give your dog a bone

We blew in to town in the chaos of a freak parade
The rain was throwing down and we don’t got a place to stay
So follow a stranger through the darkness when the powers down
To find a soft bed and a warm heart
And all the loving sounds
The loving sounds

* Chorus

Honey, if I were brazen I would follow you to Lourdes
Pay homage to Mary with all the redemption-seeking hordes
But I’ve got a lover on the other side, you know
And though it’s “oh! oh!” -I love him so
I’ve gotta go home
I’m going home

I had a dream to drink champagne in a cemetery
Perched on a hillside in the rain above a burning city


from Award Winning Album, track released May 17, 2011
Words and music by J. Stoll
Music by Liam Smith
©2010 The DoneFors
Arrangement by The DoneFors
Recorded at Canterbury Music Comp



all rights reserved


The DoneFors Toronto, Ontario

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